Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

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Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Is your tiny place lacking a green space? You don’t need mega square footage to get growing. Just pick the perfect garden solution that suits your tiny space and skill level.

Check out these 7 smart micro-gardening ideas for in and out of your home.

1. For the first time gardener

If you’ve never gardened before (or never got the hang of it), here’s an idea that allows you to eat what you reap.

The Capsule Pot is an all-in-one seed-germination kit that makes growing oregano, basil, thyme, or parsley a snap. To get started, just add water.

Each pot is a self-contained nursery that allows young plants to develop a healthy root system. Once your wee garden outgrows the container, simply transplant to a larger planter.

2. Get on board with the vertical craze

We’re sure you’ve seen Woolly Pockets before, but for those who’re a little squeamish about hanging fabric planters inside the house, those fears can be put to rest.

Woolly Pocket ( just introduced their reimagined Living Wall Planter, a hard container made from recycled, PBA-free plastic. This new living wall vertical pot promises to keep interior walls nice and dry, plus it’s less messy to water than their original soft planter.

3. A sizzling outdoor garden idea

If you think you must choose between a garden or grill, read on.

The Hot Pot BBQ is a two-in-one grill and herb garden that’s perfect for tiny terraces and puny patios. To fire up a meal for two, simply pop off the garden top and add charcoal.

FYI, it’s not terra-cotta – it is made from stainless steel and has a heat-insulated ceramic coating.

5. A teensy glass house

IKEA’s SOCKER mini greenhouse is a great solution for those with some growing experience. Its compact measurements (about 18-by-14-by-9 inches) make it a cinch to fit in a tight space.

Just like a big greenhouse, it provides plants and seedlings with an insulated environment so they can thrive

6. A double-duty planter

The Fluidity dish rack ( is a neat idea that uses clean water from drying dishes to irrigate a tiny garden. No worries about the rack getting all muddy: This garden has clay pellets and coconut fibers instead of soil.

How would you feel about using your clean wet dishes to water your plants? Is this little idea worth ditching your dishwasher?

Happy Gardening!

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