Home Ownership Creates Happiness!

According to researchers with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., eighty-nine percent of Canadian families surveyed said their lives improved since they moved into their homes. Eighty-six percent said they’re happier since owning a home. The National Association of Realtors conducted a similar study and found that homeowners are happier having achieved the “American Dream”. Contact [...]

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Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Is your tiny place lacking a green space? You don't need mega square footage to get growing. Just pick the perfect garden solution that suits your tiny space and skill level. Check out these 7 smart micro-gardening ideas for in and out of your home. 1. For the first time gardener If you've never gardened [...]

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Maximize your Living Space

Whether you're getting ready to put your home on the market or you just want to create more space for yourself, the easy and inexpensive tips below will help give you a bit more breathing room. By thinking big and getting creative, you can comfortably live large in even the smallest of spaces. The following [...]

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Chicago Voted Top Housing Market

Buyers will be ecstatic to know that Chicago was ranked the top housing market for home shoppers in 2012. Zillow, an online real estate database website, conducted an analysis of selling prices versus list prices, the number of days a listing appeared on its website and the percentage of homes in a market with a [...]

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